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Rohingya in homeland and diaspora individually and collectively thank Gambia, its people and government for seeking justice for Rohingya, a victim of genocide by Myanmar.

Persecuted by their own government, desperate from the world, and belonging to nowhere, Rohingya have been wandering in the alleys of the earth for rights, safety, security, and justice.

In a move to be the first of its kind, Gambia has filed on Nov. 11 before the International Criminal Court in Hague a lawsuit alleging that Myanmar has violated its obligation under 1948 Convention of Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide for its genocidal action against the Rohingya people and Rohingya believe that this is one of the actions that they long waited for.

The Ireland-based Rohingya Diaspora Community known as Rohingya Action Ireland said in a press statement released on Nov. 11, “Rohingya Action Ireland welcomes Gambia’s brave and courageous move in filing a case against Myanmar at the International Court of Justice.”

“Rohingya Action Ireland shares Gambia’s outrage at the lack of accountability hitherto for the genocidal acts perpetrated by the Myanmar military and security forces against the Rohingya ethnic minority.” RAI added calling “on the government of Ireland to support the Gambia in their case at the ICJ.”

Another organization representing the Rohingya in Europe called European Rohingya Council said “The European Rohingya Council welcomes Gambia´s initiative in its case against Myanmar at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).”

It further called “on all states signatory to the UN’s Genocide Convention to uphold their obligations to prevent, intervene and hold perpetrators accountable when it comes to the gravest crimes such as the genocide which is well-documented and perpetrated by Myanmar against the Rohingya community.” applauding “Gambia’s courageous act of solidary standing up for justice and accountability for the victims of Myanmar genocide, we urge the international community to join and support Gambia at the International Court of Justice in the pursuit of justice for the Rohingya community and holding the Myanmar Military to account for the genocide against Rohingya.”

Saiful Rohin from Canadian Rohingya Development Initiative posted on his Facebook, “Thanks to the Gambia for formally accusing and filing the case of Rohingya in an international court of acts of genocide. We hope Canada is the first country to support it. Thank you, Canada.”

Gambia’s statement alleges that “killing, causing serious bodily and mental harm, inflicting conditions that are calculated to bring about physical destruction, imposing measures to prevent births, and forcible transfers, are genocidal in character because they are intended to destroy the Rohingya group in whole or in part.”

In an interview with RFA, BRO-UK president U Tun Khin said that he welcomes this move by Gambia and believes that by accountability, any terrorism against Rohingya and as well as other minorities in Myanmar will come to end in future.

To know their opinion, RVision contacted some refugees from Kutupalong, Sayad Karim said, “Perhaps we deserve a hope now.”

In a statement, lawyers for the Gambian government urged the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to order measures to “stop Myanmar’s genocidal conduct immediately.”