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October 07, 2021

A Rohingya family from Maungdaw, Rakhine State is reportedly being compelled by Military Security Force (MSF) to accept the brutal killing to the patriarch in the lock-up as a natural death.

On 29 August, 2021, Sergeant Kyi Han, in-charge of the Military Security Office in Maungdaw, arrested an innocent Rohingya named U Robi Alam, the former village administrator of U Shin Kya village in northern Maungdaw.

On August 31, he was dead in the lock-up due to the inhumane torture breaking his neck and skull, according to a villager.

Sergeant Kyi Han is frequently sending U Shamshul Hakim, the acting village administrator, to the family to threaten in order to accept the brutal killing admitting that he had a fatal disease for which he died naturally but the family members haven’t accept it yet.

On September 27, the sergeant summoned U Shuna Mia, 67, s/o U Nabi Huson, one of the relatives of the victim, to the MSF office. And the relative was forcibly signed in a confessed letter where he had to admit that Alam had died of a lethal illness, not for the torture of the sergeant, the villager added.

In the first week of September, the head of the Border Guard Police (BGP) station based in Ye Myek Taung village went to victim’s home to threaten his wife and mother not to refuse the letter stating that the Robi Alam had died of a fatal ailment, the villager continued.

Kyi Han, the sergeant in charge of the MSF, also killed U Kobir from Shwe Zar village in 2019 and hid the deceased without returning it to the family, according to the locals.

A local collaborator of MSF, in the condition of anonymity, said. “Kyi Han looks like a warlord. He can do whatever he wants. And he has yet been transferred to nowhere because he pays his superiors. He does not take the extorted money personally. He has two dependable persons to take money from the people. He is a very clever villain.”

A licensed serial killer of the military council Sergeant Kyi Han often targets the wealthy Rohingya Muslims and regularly collects monthly shares from the Ya Ba drug dealers.

Reported By: Maung Htay

Edited by:  Md. Shuaib