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November 12/2021

Rohingya elders are concerned that AA’s increasingly inhumane persecution against Rohingya Muslims living in some townships in Rakhine State could lead to a bloody violence between Rakhine and Rohingya.

Arakan Army (AA), a Rakhine terrorist group declared by Myanmar government, is racially and religiously persecuting Rohingya Muslims and AA along with Rakhine people is escalating the harassment day by day, the locals said.

Maung Zaw Win, son of Maung Kay Tun who is the chairman of AA committee in Kyauk Pyu Thekan village track under Buthidaung Township, deliberately destroyed a boat belonging to a 53-year-old Rohingya named Islam s/o Mohammad Siddik in a creek near Rohingya village at around 7:00 A.M yesterday, according to a villager.

Maung Kay Tun, a Rakhine, is the headman of the village tract selected by Arakan Army and is racially and discriminately handling all the cases occurring in the village collaborating with AA, the villager added.

It is reported that the headman recently abducted two innocent Rohingya men, on the baseless accusation of stealing cows, to Rakhine hamlet and handed them over to the AA’s lieutenant colonel named Aaka, the villager continued.

The abductees are Shuna Mia, son of Abdumunaf and Shunia, son of Kuilla Mia hailing from Thekan village.

According to the locals, there are more than 300 Rohingya households and only 20 Rakhine people in six households in Thekan village track. Although Rakhine people are minority in the area, they don’t care to harass the majority Muslims as they are backed by the terrorist AA.

If a Rohingya Muslim retaliates against a Rakhine due to unbearable harassment, there will be a spark of violence between two races and it will surely influence the whole Rakhine state as all the Rakhie will jump upon the Muslims to kill.

And the government must take their side as the goal of the Rakhine and the government is one- annihilating the Rohingya Muslims forever, the locals added.

Reported By: ArakanGo

Edited By: Md. Shuaib