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Rohingya held a demonstration against the genocidal acts committed by AA on Rohingyas in Arakan State, Myanmar.

Rohingya who fled to Bangladesh during the 2017 crackdown organized a demonstration against the atrocities and crimes committed by AA in the Rohingya Refugee Camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, on June 6th.

The demonstration, organized by Rohingya refugees, protested against AA’s actions on Rohingyas. The Rohingya are demanding that AA stop using Rohingya villages as battlefields and targeting Rohingyas.

Innocent Rohingya children, elderly, and women are being massacred by AA. Our demands are an appeal to various humanitarian organizations around the world to protect our Rohingya nation.

There have been many massacres committed by AA in both Buthidaung Township and Maungdaw Township.

Massacres committed by AA include incidents at Honya Siri, Basic Education High School No. 01 in Buthidaung, Buthidaung Public Hospital, and Abujja Fara in Maungdaw Township. These massacres were committed by AA.

This demonstration aims to free our Rohingya Muslims from AA.

There are countless reports that AA has killed many Rohingya people in Arakan State, Myanmar, without any reason. Many Rohingya villages have been burned to ashes, and many Rohingya people have been forcibly vacated from their villages by AA in Arakan State, Myanmar.

Rohingyas are requesting and appealing to the international community, ICC, ICJ, OIC, USA, UK, UN, EU, and Asian countries to protect the Rohingya Muslims from AA in Arakan State, Myanmar.

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