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Teknaf: A refugee minor boy is found killed in the nearby salt farm besides Nayapara Rohingya refugee camp at around 9:30 pm local time on 10th September 2019.

The victim is identified to be Arfan Ullah, 12, son of Aman Ullah and Satera Begum, holding MRC 61045 and belonging to Block B, Site No. 1004, Room No. 03 (the photo above).

One of his neighbors told RVision

Once the locals informed the camp army that there is a dead body, the army along with some refugees rushed to the scene, and the dead body was found abandoned on the salt field with injuries of torture bleeding yet.

Police is investigating the crime and the real motives behind the murder and report of police investigation is yet to be known.

He is allegedly killed in wrong retaliation of Jubo League leader’s murder last month, who was, according to the local media, a victim of local leadership rivalry but refugees were accused of without being legally proven, according to sources.

However, it is another example of anti-refugee sentiment that is being seen to be increasing day by day and concerned Rohingya right activists and leaders and the refugees themselves as they are in limbo between floating island of Bangladesh and open prison of Myanmar.

Burma has been grappling with sectarian violence since June 2012. Since then, many Rohingya have been herded into miserable camps they are not allowed to leave, even for work. Of the 18 townships in Rakhine State, seven have already barred Muslims from using their clinics, foreign aid workers. Those who were allowed to live in villages like Du Chee Yar Tan are at the mercy of the local authorities, many of whom are inspired by an extremist Buddhist group whose monks have used the nation’s new freedoms to travel the countryside on motorbikes preaching hatred of Muslims. 

Recently in an another similar incident, a minor girl fell to her death after being pushed against a running taxi by one of protesters. Nurul Islam from Block B was also beaten critically.

“We, Rohingya, still believe in and request for Bangladeshi sympathy of the kind they showed us while we were surviving the cleansing operation in 2017 and we also believe they will stand besides us to the last of our problem.” said the man.