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BUTHIDAUNG β€” A Buddhist Rakhine has invaded a plot of land owned by a Rohingya Hpa Yar Pyin Aung Pa, Nyaung Chaing, Buthidaung South and forcefully built structure without proper permission on the property to open shops enjoying complete silence from the authorities, Rohingya Today reported.

Nyaung Chaung Market was built by Rohingya on their personal lands, and since the first day of its foundation, people regardless of their faith and ethnicity have been engaged in trade there peacefully until the situation has changed nowadays.

Recently U Maung Nyunt, a close relative of the village administrator U Maung Gyi, built a structure with a size of length 12 ft Γ— width 10 ft after forcefully grabbing land belonging to Rohingya owner of the market, RT said citing some locals.

When the owner objected, the invader responded to have permission from the township administration.

Reportedly the township administration gave Nyunt permission to sell fuel temporarily on the public road beside the market, not on other’s private property, as he applied claiming falsely that there is a shortage of fuel in the market.

Exploiting his relationship to the village administration, he built the shop where he is not allowed to overstepping his permission.

The villagers fear that the irresponsible permission of township administration will lead to the interruption of Nyaung Chaing Market stability that the people around have been enjoying for a long time demanding justice for the original owner and solution of the problem newly created, according to the source.