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September 27, 2021

The puppets of coup junta from Maungdaw Police Station in Rakhine State are deliberately and discriminately arresting and beating the Muslims in public place at Maungdaw Clock Tower, our correspondent reports.

On September 21, some police from the Maungdaw Town Police Station arrived by motorbike to the area north of the clock tower at around 8 pm and the mobile phones of Rohingya youths sitting there were deliberately checked.

While checking the mobile phone of Muhammad Faroque, 38, a resident of the eastern part of the town, the police found the picture of his little wife. He was handcuffed and made to sit on the platform of the tower and kicked in the face by a police lieutenant. After that he was taken to the police station and eventually released at around 9pm, a town-dweller said.

In a similar way, the car owned by U Mojif, hailing from Myoma Taung Ward, was taken to the police station for inspection and released after hours.

At present, the mobile phones and the Rohingya people passing through the clock tower are intentionally checked by the police sergeant Aye Myint and questioned the owners by threatening, the town-dweller added.

A human rights watchdog said, β€œChecking a person’s phone is a violation of individual freedom and security. There is neither a fight nor a commotion in the public recreation place, Maungdaw Clock Tower.

β€œIt is very embarrassing for the police making a riot instead of tackling the bad situation if happens. The police themselves do whatever they wish thinking there is none to stop them. This is due to poor rule of law. It is like a country without anarchy.”

From the present acts of the police, it is clear that the deliberate arresting and beating up the Rohingya by the puppets of the Coup Junta, is a racial, ethnical and discriminatory measure to eradicate their ethnicity.

Reported By: Kyaw Swa Min

Edited by:  Md. Shuaib