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Maungdaw – In a frightening speech, the new general administrator of Maungdaw, U Ngwe Tun, who is recently transferred in, publicly announced his discriminatory policy that he is going to practice against Rohingya.

He summoned all the village administrators of Maungdaw township and other members of the village administrations for regular bimonthly meeting on Oct 17 being the first meeting for him and warned them of a dark future of Maungdaw.

Expressing his hatred, he speaks, “Let me tell you here together instead of telling individually. You, Bengalis, even though become citizens, you can never be equal to other ethnic groups. You are not our nationals, yet we have to give you citizenship cards as you live here.”

 “You are appointed village administrators because there is a need. But you won’t get a government salary like other ethnic citizen administrators although you may have citizenship card. I don’t even need to wait direction from higher authority to dismiss you. I, myself, can dismiss. I am not lying but talking in accordance with law” he threatens especially addressing the current administrators.

Of course Myanmar has a secret regional discriminatory policy to rule the Rohingya of Rakhine state, but the authorities seldom announce it like U Ngwe Tun.

The statement of the new township general administrator not only paralyzed the Rohingya public in the region with fear and horror, but also frightened the refugees as it came shortly after the submission of new list of 50 thousand refugees to Myanmar government.

In northern Rakhine state, there are still Rohingyas in the administration especially of the pure Rohingya villages who play the role of administrator or other stuff member, whom U Ngwe Tun meant in his speech.