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Representatives from Rohingya genocide survivors described Myanmar’s preparation for the repatriation of its deported citizens as “meaningless” as it is the same as the previous plan presented in the last meeting, without refugees’ least demands being met.

It has been presented in the meeting between refugee representatives and delegation from Myanmar and ASEAN held on Dec. 18, 2019 at CiC office of Camp 4 extension, Kutupalonga, Cox’s Bazar and organized by RRRC.

The meeting focused on the three main topics: dialogue, citizenship and safety and security as proposed by the refugees in the last meeting in July.

The delegation “showed us some meaningless preparation of repatriation through the power point. Their presentation was same as the previous presentation, showed us in last July.” says Sawyedullah.

Refugees demanded recognition of Rohingya ethnicity, citizenship and international presence for security on the ground whereas Myanmar seems to have taken firm stand opposite to these demands.

As for the NVC, the delegation said it can’t take any decision if they can stop NVC process or not. In the issue of naming, it proposed “Muslim living in Rakhine” and it showed red signal to international presences.

Rohingya in the homeland are being forced to accept NVC the genocide card and given documents such as birth certificate, family lists, etc. with this unwanted name “Bengali”.

Rohingya consider the NVC and “Bengali” identity an advanced phase of complicacy and a new shape for the longstanding problem, not a solution to it, whereas some believes that “Rohingya” identity has its political goal. In response to this, Ruhul Amin said, “I am not clear what do they mean by this political goal. But if “Rohingya” has a political goal, why is it that the same political goal can’t be there behind “Bengali”?

Finally, the meeting ended without any outcome, but the refugees still “hope we will get the solution slowly.”

Today another meeting is scheduled and update is to be received yet.