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February 12, Rohingya Vision.

Rakhine State, Kyauktao City. On February 11th, at around 11:00 p.m., it was reported that the Myanmar Military carried out an aerial bombardment on the neighborhood where most of the Rohingyas live.

It is initially known that at least 7 Rohingya were killed and dozens of local Rohingyas were injured due to the Myanmar military’s bombardment of the Paikte neighborhood. It is said that some of the houses in the neighborhood were also burnt to ashes, and most of the local Rohingyas living in the neighborhood are fleeing to safety.

The War on Terror Council has cut telephone and internet lines in many townships in Rakhine State, and electricity is not available regularly.

It has been confirmed that at least 7 Rohingyas from the Paikte neighborhood were killed due to the military council’s bombardment, and other details are still being investigated.

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