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Maungdaw (Sept. 8) — One of the two BGP members, who have been missing from Tha Yet Oke Station in northern Maungdaw Township, was found dead, according to DMG.

Zayar Myo and Myint Thein, two policemen from Tha Yet Oke Station, went missing on September 5 while on their way to Ywet Nyoe Taung village to transfer their salaries to their families, the source mentioned citing an unnamed police officer.

The dead body of Zayar Myo was found in the morning of September 7 in an old shrimp pond near Ywat Nyoe Taung village. The corpse was found with a broken trachea, neck injuries and male genital organ mutilated.

Another member is still missing along with their ammunitions. An observer from the ground told Rohingya Vision “another missing BGP member has allegedly killed the victim in retaliation for some personal issues or in robbery of his belongings. It is also possible that other members of the station may have targeted them.” adding “currently we fear that the authorities will target the innocent civilians, especially the Muslims, harass them, arrest them and extort money with pretext of clearance.”

Authorities are currently clearing the area where the body was found.