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MAUNGDAW β€” A Rohingya youth is believed to be shot dead by the military in Kyun Pauk Pyu Su village of Northern Maungdaw, Arakan State on December 21, 2019.

Following multiple gunshots in the evening, the military officers informed the village administration of a dead body laying down in an old grave.

The villagers along with the members of village administration found the dead body with bullet injuries at the head.

After a postmortem conducted in General Hospital Maungdaw, the dead body has been buried in Myo Ma Ka Nyin Tan, but no report is publicized by the concerned authorities.

Nobody from Kyun Pauk Pyu Su or neighboring villages identified the person, who was looking in his 20s, and, according to a community elder, β€œhe may be a Rohingya from one of the remote villages trying to flee to Bangladesh or the military brought him as a forced labor and killed him as it usually does.”

Kyun Pauk Pyu Su lies on the bank of Naf River and is sometimes used as β€˜fleeing hub’ by the genocide survivors to seek refuge in Bangladesh.