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Zero Point β€” A Rohingya refugee from Zero Point camps in the Bangladesh-Myanmar border has been killed Sunday at around 12:30 p.m. by a landmine explosion in the nearby mountain of No-Man’s Land.

The victim identified as Monir Ullah, 25, son of Hala Miah went to collect firewood in the morning for his daily survival, from where he could not come back alive.

When he didn’t come back in the evening, some of his family members and friends went to the bushes nearby the next morning and found his dead body with blood and injuries believed to be of a landmine explosion.

Myanmar military planted landmines along the border in No-Man’s Land that from time to time take the lives of Rohingya moving around.

Ullah is one of the refugees stuck in the Zero Point since 2017 who were forced out by the cleansing operation of the Myanmar military.