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Maungdaw: An informant along with Burmese military engulfed a huge money provided by the World Food Program (WFP) for a road construction project in a village at Maungdaw Township, according to updates received yesterday (11th March 2019).

In Mounnifara (Kyain Daing) village WFP gave a road construction project to an informant in the village, which costed about 750, 0000 Kyats.

The project was to built a road that will connect the river bank of the village to the main road for travelling to other places. By promising to do so the informant took the amount and built the road till the primary school of the village and left the construction of the other remaining area.

Later when villagers asked him about the incomplete road, he said budget was not enough to complete it.

According to villagers he always doubled the price of the construction material in the list (example: a truck of coal costs 80, 000 Kyats which he wrote 150, 000 Kyats in the list). In this manner he engulfed half of the projects’ money.

Now villagers are extremely worried as they cannot interrogate him strongly due to his connection with the military from battalion no. 551. In that battalion military named Kyaw Zey Ya have close ties with the informant.

“We cannot tell him anything in fear of his ties with military, with their power he is not fearful of extorting Rohingya’s money,” says a Rohingya from the village.

Military and their collaboration with informants have a long history in Arakan, where they jointly targets Rohingya and their development projects as a source of their illicit incomes.

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