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Buthidaung β€” Powerful footage of massive burning emerged of the immediate aftermath of shelling by the Myanmar army in Southern Buthidaung against Arakan Army and Rohingya civilians.

Two Rohingya homes were burnt to ashes and five cows belonging to them were seriously injured in Sin Thay Pyin hamlet, San Goe Taung village tract of Buthidaung South yesterday at around 8:45 am.

Two homes burnt to ashes on 14/12/2019

Another launchers fell into the village without hitting any homes or persons luckily. The villagers were forced to flee from their homes.

The homes belong to Moktul Husain and his brother Abdu Rahman, and the cattle wounded also belong to the two victim families.

Some of the cattle wounded.

The launchers were fired from the military station besides Thone Say Ta Bon pagoda, and according to villagers, though they were fired against Arakan Army, they never miss to target Muslim villages.  

Today new footage has emerged of military shelling causing massive fire and burning many other homes to the ground in Sein Taung village of Buthidaung North.

Homes Burning on 15/12/2019 by Military launchers.

Currently the fighting between Myanmar army and Arakan Army intensifies in Southern Buthidaung especially around Rohingya villages, where Rohingya are commonly targeted by both.

A villager told RVision, β€œAfter the ICJ case against Burma, the military intensified its attack on Rohingya as well, but the launchers fired from the military base never hit homes of Rakhine or Hindus amazingly.”

He continued that the β€œMuslim villages of Northern Buthidaung were totally cleansed during 2017 Military Operation. The few villages left to the south of Urban Buthidaung are being targeted one by one now.” adding β€œthese are planned attacks from the military.”

According to the man, a monk from the temple warned the Muslims that the situation is going to be worse.

No fatalities are reported yet, but hundreds of Rohingya are displaced. Muslims are worried of their future in the region as military firing continues.