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Maungdaw Township Customs Department  in Rakhine State has reportedly forcibly collected funds from the Rohingyas for the celebration of Thingyan (water festival).

The township customs office in Maungdaw, which collects the money, is located next to Shwe Pyan Lwa Tea Shop, south of City Development Market, on Mahabandula Road. 

The office staff summoned Rohingya shopkeepers selling pvc pipes and water motors to the office on April 8 and forced them to give funds and necessary things for the Thingyan festival, said a shopkeeper on the condition of anonymity. 

In the office, the shopkeepers were forcibly agreed to provide the officials with pvc pipes, water motors, and other necessities for Thingyan. The shopkeeper added that they were also forced to pay for the installation of cables, water pipes and water motor installation.

The shops called to the office regarding Thingyan celebration are:

1. Jumbo pvc pipe shop.

2. B.S.R pvc pipe shop; 

3. A.H.S pvc pipe shop. 

4. R.B.L pvc shop including a few emporiums belong to the Rohingyas.

A town-dweller said, ” We are in hardship as sales are not the same as before.  It’s like a robbery because we have been compelled to provide the necessary things freely and also to pay for the installation. It has nothing to do with our Muslims. It is a religious insult forcing us to do so during the holy month Ramadan.”

Due to the government’s racial discrimination, Rohingya Muslims become the scapegoat of all department in Myanmar, a buddhist-majority country.

Reported By: Kyaw Swa Min

Editor- Md. Shuaib