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Jakarta: Sahabat Al Aqsha, an Indonesian based NGO, has become the first organization to provide humanitarian aid to Rohingya genocide survivors who were rescued recently by local fishermen in Lhokseumawe in the Indonesian province of Aceh.

Nearly 100 Rohingya including 30 minors were stranded on the sea for almost 4 months as no country allowed the boat to drop anchor in their maritime territory. Finally, on Thursday (25/06/2020) Indonesian local people enraged at their own authorities’ rejection to give them shelter fearing coronavirus. The Acehnese fisherman fetched those Rohingyas to the seashore with their fishing boat before being interrupted by maritime officials from Sumatra island.

Sahabat Al Aqsha, an Indonesian based NGO, is distributing humanitarian aid to Rohingya at Aceh in Indonesia on 28th June 2020.
(Photo: Rvision)

Currently, these Rohingyas are given temporary shelter in private residences. They are in need of food and clothes. Local people have been trying their level best to support these distressed human beings.

The Sahabat Al Aqsha organization has visited the place and distributed humanitarian assistance to Rohingya yesterday (28/06/2020). It was holding a banner with a text in the Indonesian language, “INDONESIA SAYANG ROHINGYA, INDONESIA BANGGA PADA ACEH KITA” which means Indonesian loves Rohingya and Indonesia is proud of our Aceh.

Ustad Farid Muharram on behalf of Sahabat Al Aqsha has handed over food pack to the authorities. He also distributed new clothes to the Rohingya minors. This remarkable display of humanity comes in a time when Rohingya are facing xenophobic hatred in Malaysia.

Nearly 100 Rohingya including 30 minors are given shelters and foods at Aceh in Indonesia. (Photo: Rvision)

The Sahabat Al Aqsha started to work for Rohingya plight since the 2017 Myanmar military crackdown and has been continuously supporting Refugees in Bangladesh camps especially in the field of educations, health, foods and awareness programs.

Rohingya community globally expressing their gratitude towards Indonesia and its citizens. A Rohingya journalist wrote in his social media post, “Floated in the sea for months; lost many lives. Finally, Allah has sent His mercy through Acehnese.”