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Buthidaung β€” Following UN court order to protect Rohingya, Myanmar army shelled a village in South-Eastern Buthidaung killing two women, one pregnant, and injuring seven others critically.

On January 25, 2020 at around 2:00 am, Myanmar army from Battalion 551 fired shells that hit several Rohingya houses in Kin Taung village.

The deceased are identified as Nur Bahar, 18, daughter of Abdu Nabi and Umme Habi, 20, daughter of Malavi Hamid who was pregnant. The former died on the spot while the latter was admitted to the hospital with serious injuries where she and her baby lost their lives.

The injured are Mohammad Amin, 23, son of Abdu Nabi and husband of Umme Habi (killed); Jamal Husain, 25, son of Rashid Ahmed and husband of Nur Bahar (killed); Nur Mohammad, 30, son of Nur Alom; Dildar Begum, 25, daughter of Roshan Ali; Rashida Begum, 18, daughter of Abdul Alom; Asma, 3, daughter of Nur Mohammad; and Abdul Alom, 40, son of Sultan.

At around 9:00 am, some army members from Battalion 551 and Border Guard Police officers visited the village, forced the villagers to clear the evidences of shelling and instructed them on gun points to state that the shells were fired by Rakhine rebels, if asked by anybody.

But the villagers confirmed that β€œLast night, there was no clashes between military and the rebels. There were no mutual firings. It is just military who shelled the village.”

A community leader told RVision β€œThe government here doesn’t care ICC and ICJ. The military and BGP officers who visited the village in the morning scolded us badly and asked us to go to ICC, ICJ or Gambia to complain about the fatal incident last night.” adding β€œall the atrocities are ongoing as usual.”