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By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 18th March 2019

Kyauktaw: Three Rohingya were reported to have critically injured in a village of Kyauktaw Township on 16th March 2019, reports a local from the village.

The terrific incident took place at around 11:30 PM where Arakan Army rebels were fighting from the northern side of a river at Rukshar fara and on the other side Burmese military were fighting from the southern side of the river at Ne Ga Ra village.

[The injured Rohingya Muhammad Rafique 16 and Baggulla13 at Kyauktaw Township on 16th March 2019. Image: RVISION TV]

The heavy gunfire between both the army started at about 10 PM (16th March) and it lasted till 2:30 AM (17th March).

The ferocious gunfire between them affected the Rohingya villages at the east and western side of the river.

At Hondolbarfara (Palaung) village three Rohingya were critically injured in both military’s fight and among the 3 bullet shot Rohingya, one is lingering with life and death and all 3 are under treatment now.

The three of the victims were identified and named to be:

  1. Abdul Amin, 55
  2. Muhammad Rafique S/O Muhammed Sidique, 16
  3. Baggulla S/O Naggya, 13

[Bullets hitting animals and other places in the Palaung village of Kyauktaw Township on 16th March 2019. Image: RVISION TV]

In the heavy gunfire, bullets hit house roof on many Rohingya and killed animals as well.

β€œIn our village, one bullet hit a cow to death as well,” says a villager from Barizafara of Hondolbarfara (Palaung) village.

β€œOne bullet came and directly fell on my backyard and hit my kitchen area,” says a woman from the same village.

Rohingya from remaining villages in Kyauktaw Township have been restricted from all forms of movement and livelihood activities after the state-sponsored violence on Rohingya since 2012.

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