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February 15, 2022

Crime may rise in Maungdaw, Rakhine State as local authorities have released a Rakhine savage, who set fire to a Rohingya hut in the town, without charge and that will result in sparking clashes between the two ethnic groups, locals report.

February 11, at 12 pm, a 40-year-old black skin Rakhine armed with a stick and a knife came and evicted a Rohingya family from a hut in a mango garden which is being taken care of.

In addition, the cruel Rakhine set fire to the fence and hut throwing petrol, the caretakers cried out for help and the villagers informed the authorities concerned of the crime.

 Then police arrived from the Border Guard Police station located nearby the temple Alodaw Pye Kyaung.

As the police prohibited him, he retaliated. Then the police from Town Police Station and Sa.Ra.Pa (Military Security Force) came at the spot and handcuffed the criminal. But he was immediately released with a lame excuse that he became mad, locals added.

The burnt mango garden is located in the north of Maungdaw Border Area Ethnic Development School and is adjacent to a house owned by Rafik, the owner of Foriha Teashop, from ward No.5 of Ywa Thit village.

To protect and take care of the garden, Noor Hason, 27, built a makeshift hut in it and started living with five family members.

The bathroom of the hut, including the fence of the mango garden, was burnt down by the Rakhine savage, locals again added.

 β€œEven if he is insane, he needs to be arrested for his crime. But now, he has been released. It seems that he has been given an opportunity to create more trouble,” said a local resident. β€œSo at night, we have to stay awake to be safe. We are in danger now.”

An eyewitness said the savage Rakhine also beat Zakaria, a day-laborer of loading and unloading goods and he is from the samevillage.

Reported By: Maung Htay

Editor: Md. Shuaib