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Buthidaung downtown in Arakan State, Myanmar, was burnt down to ashes by the Arakan Army (AA) on the night of May 17th at around 10 PM.

A source stated, “The AA intentionally set fire to the houses of Rohingyas, igniting fires throughout the town. The entire town has been completely reduced to ashes.”

“It was the AA that set the Rohingya houses on fire in downtown Buthidaung. When a Rohingya tried to extinguish the fire, a member of the AA shot him,” an eyewitness reported.

The fires first ignited in Ward No. 07 of Buthidaung downtown, and it was the AA that set the town ablaze.

According to another source, “Many fatalities and casualties occurred in downtown Buthidaung as the AA shot and attacked with missiles, mortar shells, and artillery shells. The exact number of fatalities and casualties remains unconfirmed due to the overwhelming destruction.”

He recounted, “The AA intimidatingly ordered the residents of Buthidaung downtown to vacate the town before setting it on fire. However, the inhabitants ignored and denied their order because they had no other places to evacuate to, as all the surrounding villages had already been burnt down.”

A resident of Ward No. 01 said, “All the residents of Buthidaung downtown have vacated the town and are now in the paddy fields along the Maungdaw and Buthidaung road. The residents are striving to flee to Bangladesh.”

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