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Buthidaung – The vice commander of Myanmar military Battalion 352 based in Tetmi Chaung, northern Buthidaung, Rakhine state cooperates with and supports local miscreants to steal cattle belonging to Rohingya public and confine them inside the army fence in order to extort money from the owners or sell it off if they don’t come to claim, according to Rohingya Today.

The source mentioned that Saifullah, son of Dil Mohammad, a battalion puppet, on October 15, secretly drove six cows belonging to Abdu Shukkur, son of Eliyas from Thayay Kone Tan village of Nga Shay Htuk tract that were being herded by a cowboy in pasture beside the battalion and handed over to the vice-commander.

The next day the owner found his cows tied at the playground of Battalion 352 and went to the vice-commander for claiming, but he was cruelly scolded and threatened. Finally, he has to collect his cows by paying three hundred thousand kyats on October 19.

Reportedly this battalion breeds several other puppets like Saifullah, who are illegal income sources of the battalion members.