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Buthidaung: Innumerable Rohingya shops were torched by a gang of Mogh (Rakhine) in a market of Buthidaung Township today (9th May 2019), report locals.

At 2 am, midnight in KuwaingDong (Kyaung Taung) village tract, a Rohingya’s market was torched from both the sides of the market by a group of Moghs, with the intention of burning the entire market.

Map of Kyaung Taung Village track in Buthidaung Township. Image: Social Media

Earlier before torching down the market, the group of Mogh was spotted in the village with suspicious movements.

As night fell and people went to their homes, suddenly a huge fire arose from the market area.

As soon as the fire caught the market, Rohingya were seen rushing to the fire incident, but hardly they could save any of their goods.

Market in Kyaung Taung Village track in Buthidaung Township. Image: RVISION TV

The massive fire torched 41 Rohingya shops, a school and a madarasa ( Religious school) as well.

[Picture of the torched market in kyaung Taung village tract taken in the morning today. Image: RVISION]

Besides the continuous inhumane fire incident, hundreds of innocent Rohingya are facing food and winter clothing shortage due to the severe restrictions of movement and livelihood activities.

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Since 2016, 1.3 million Rohingya were forced out of their own villages in the intense Genocidal operation, which includes, Mass Killings, Mass Rapes, Torching down of Rohingya villages, Abduction, Arbitrary Arrest, etc.

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