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By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 21st February 2019

Buthidaung: A pair of Border Guard Police (BGP) and a pair of informants extorted huge sum money from fourteen Rohingya in a village of Buthidaung Township on 18th February 2019, reports a local.

In Imanuddin (Rwa Ma) village tract, two informants in the absence of Village admins collaborated with two BGP’s personals to extort the money from the Rohingya.

Both the informants hailing from the same village called the BGPs named Thin Naing and U Maung Thin at around 8 PM and made them stay at an empty Rohingya house.

Later at 9 PM they called fourteen innocent Rohingya from the village and extorted 500, 000 Kyats from them by their usual threats of arbitrary arrest and torture.

The victims were identified and are as follows:

  1. Muhammed Jamal S/O Abu Siddik
  2. Noor Islam S/O Abdu majid
  3. Jani Alam S/O Fedhan Ali
  4. Hani Ullah S/O Amir Hussain
  5. Ibar Ullah S/O Abdu Mannan
  6. Jubair S/O Saleh Ahmed
  7. Tayyub S/O Muhammed Jalil
  8. Nurul Amin S/O Abdul Amin
  9. Muhammed Rashid S/O Muhammed Rayas
  10. Muhammed Hashim S/O Rashid
  11. Muhamed Ishaq S/O Rashid Ahmed
  12. Jamal Hussain S/O Abdu Jalil
  13. Shuna Mia S/O Adbu Munaf
  14. Hamidul Haque S/O Sayed Ahmed

Earlier one of the informant took 500, 0000 Kyats from a Rohingya family in the promise of releasing their son Rafique from the Burmese jail.

According to villager he took the money and built in own house and betrayed the family.

β€œThey (informants) are always backed by the Burmese Police and BGP here, so they commit any crimes without any fear,” says a Rohingya from the village.

Extorting money and paralyzing the economic backbone of the Rohingya is a rooted genocidal tool implemented by the Burmese regime since the Junta rule to date.

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