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October 15, 2021

The Rakhine terrorist group known as the Arakan Army (AA) that has been active in all parts of Rakhine State has already started the criminal activities to expel the Rohingyas from their ancestral land Arakan, reports our staff correspondent.

The criminal activities committed by AA against the Rohingya Muslims in Rakahine State, Myanmar are catching and beating, collecting taxes and confiscating properties.

On 11 October, 9 Rohingya men from Do Dan hamlet in Phyon Chaung village tract, Buthidaung Township were caught by a group of AA while chopping firewood in the Mayu Mountain situated in the west of the village.

Those arrested and beaten by AA members are:  Abdu Goni (s/o) Abdullah; Mamad Rofik (s/o) Mamad Sidik;  Salim (s/o) Futia; Shukkur (s/o) Futia; Adu Salam (s/o) Abdu Gaffar; Noor Amin (s/o) Abdullah; Tayup (s/o) Saukir Amad; Osman (s/o) Musa Ali and Shafiq Ullah (s/o) Abdu Shukkur.

The victims are said to be extremely poor who lead a life through woodcutting.  

The Rakhine crimal group AA has set up bases in the mountains adjacent to Rohingya villages in order to commit the crimes against the Muslims easily.

AA, through the ban of movement and daily works and confiscation of farmlands and possessions, wants to drive the Rohingya people out of the country, said a local resident, speaking on condition of anonymity.

On October 7, 2021, some of AA members visited the Zeditaung village tract in Buthidaung Township and convened a meeting of Rohingya elders.

In the meeting, the criminals said β€œAA is now ruling about 80 percent of Arakan. It is going to occupy the whole Arkan soon. If you want to live here, as the Rohingya, you have to pay taxes like 5,000 Kyats, 3,000 Kyats or 2,000 Kyats per family but the amount of taxes depends on the level of family. Taxes must be paid for each household.

 β€œThe taxes will be paid from September. For the fishing nets, fish farm and shrimp lake, taxes will also have to be paid. He threatened to arrest and imprison the one who won’t pay the taxes. Finally, he would be expelled from Arakan too.”

In addition, it was also said that if a man from a Rohingya family joined the administration and police of AA, his family would not have to pay taxes. According to an activist, joining with AA will become a life treat as the family will be the victims of the Burmese military.

Then, on October 6, another group from AA arrived in Wetmakya village in Thekan Khwason village tract under Buthidaung Township and made a similar threat, a man among the attendees of the meeting said.

Fear and frustration have now gripped the remaining Rohingya villages after the Burmese military clearance operation, the so-called Rohingya killing competition taken place in 2016 and 2017.

Reported By: ArakanGo

Edited by:  Md. Shuaib