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Almost 7,000 Rohingyas have been left homeless due to the fighting between the Arakan Army (AA) and the Myanmar military in Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, Myanmar. They have sought refuge in downtown Maungdaw.

The AA is looting Rohingya villages after the residents evacuated to downtown Maungdaw. Particularly affected are Paung Zar and Ka Yin Taung villages in Maungdaw Township.

A resident of Paung Zar stated, “The AA came to our village and took our goats, hens, pigeons, and cows. They took valuable items from our houses, destroyed other possessions, and even looted medicines from the pharmacies. The villagers are not allowed to return to their original village despite the absence of ongoing fighting.”

A resident of Ka Yin Taung reported, “It has been 16 days since the AA barred us from returning to our village, even though there is no fighting. We are in poor conditions, struggling to find food daily. It is difficult living in others’ homes, and we aren’t allowed to re-enter our village. Some villagers who tried to assess the situation were apprehended and beaten by the AA with guns.”

He added, “The Hindus are also involved with the AA and have beaten villagers with guns, questioning why they came to the village despite being forbidden. Now, we can’t approach the village at all, as the AA intimidates us with guns.”

Rohingya residents of Ali Than Kyaw village in southern Maungdaw Township are also suffering from a lack of food as they are encircled and unable to obtain daily necessities. A villager recounted, “There are about 120 Rohingyas in Ali Than Kyaw, and they are suffering due to food shortages as everything is blocked by the AA. They face numerous challenges.”

“It has been six months since the roads were blocked by the AA for the residents of Ali Than Kyaw. They can sometimes come to downtown Maungdaw to buy materials via boats. They are in critical condition regarding daily food supplies but cannot describe their difficulties to the world due to the lack of network access. The residents of Ali Than Kyaw are in urgent need of support,” said a resident.

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