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The Arakan Army (AA) intentionally and deliberately attacked Rohingya villages with drones in downtown Maungdaw on July 2, 2024, at around 2 PM. This attack resulted in the deaths of two Rohingya and several injuries.

Two Rohingya died on the spot, and some sustained serious injuries. Additionally, a cow was killed during the attack in Maungdaw Township, Arakan State of Myanmar.

AA deliberately dropped five bombs using drones in Rohingya residential areas in Maungdaw Township.

A bomb fell inside the compound of a large mosque, another at the home of deceased Zohir Ahmed in Ward No. 4, one in front of the pond beside the library, another at the park/garden, and one more south of Maungdaw Public Hospital in front of the bridge in Bomu Ward in Maungdaw Township.

The drones were launched from Wimala village and Myo Oo Ward by AA, specifically targeting Rohingya residential areas. This attack resulted in two Rohingya deaths and several injuries.

Two Rohingya boys, around 10 years old, were biking near the bridge of Maungdaw Public Hospital in the south of Bomu Rohingya Ward when a bomb hit them. One boy’s stomach was shattered, causing his immediate death, while the other sustained serious injuries.

Another bomb fell at the home of deceased Zohir Ahmed, killing an 11-year-old Rohingya boy on the spot and seriously injuring two others.

A further bomb fell in front of the large pond beside the library, leaving several Rohingyas in critical condition.

Moreover, a Rohingya man was shot with a pistol by the Border Guard in front of the Rohingya market in Myo Ma Ward in Maungdaw Township on July 1, 2024, at around 5 PM.

“The bullet hit the head of the Rohingya man, leaving him in critical condition as he did not receive medical support.”

Similarly, AA shot a Rohingya passerby on the main road at Gunnah Hamlet in Shwe Zar Rohingya village in Maungdaw Township. The bullet hit the man’s leg, causing serious injuries.

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