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A public hospital in Buthidaung Township was attacked by AA at around 8:30 pm on May 11, 2024.

A source said, β€œThree Rohingyas were killed and ten people were injured. Among the casualties, one is in critical condition, while the others nine are receiving treatment with a possibility of recovery.”

He recounted, β€œThe people who died and were injured are residents of Nyanyar Kone Rohingya village, Kuwain Taung Rohingya village, Rwa Yun Taung Rohingya village, and U Hla Hpay Rohingya village. All the villagers from these aforementioned villages sought refuge in the public hospital in Buthidaung Township, situated at Ward No 02 in Buthidaung downtown.”

β€œMore than four mortar shells were fired from the direction of Kyawk Raik new village by AA, and all of them fell into the hospital compound, resulting in three Rohingyas fatalities and 10 casualties. The old department of the hospital collapsed.”

AA deliberately attacked the public hospital so that the Rohingya people seeking refuge in the hospital could be targeted by their mortar shells.

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