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The AA (Arakan Army) abducted Rohingyas from Kuntabil, a village in northern Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, Myanmar, on May 22, 2024.

Twenty-two Rohingya youths from Kuntabil were taken by the AA on May 22, 2024.

An inhabitant of Kuntabil stated, “AA abducted 22 Rohingya youths from the entire village. They were taken to Rwan Yun Taung village, where they were brutally and inhumanely beaten and tortured by the AA before being released.”

“There are approximately 40 Rohingya families in Kuntabil, and AA abducted all the men from these families, taking them to Rwan Yun Taung village. Only the females were left in the village.”

A victim reported, “AA encircled Kuntabil, inspected the entire village, and abducted all the men. They were taken to Rwan Yun Taung village and brutally beaten there.”

He further added, “AA accused the villagers of supporting the military and Rohingya armed groups. They demanded information about these groups, but the villagers couldn’t provide any as they had no connections with them.”

There is no one in Kuntabil who supports or is involved with the military or Rohingya armed groups. AA’s intention is to vacate the village to resettle Rakhines from other areas.

The 22 Rohingya men were subjected to continuous brutal torture for about 14 hours before being released.

The situation in Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, Myanmar is worsening. AA’s atrocities are increasing as they attempt to vacate villages to resettle Rakhines from other regions.

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