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It has been reported that three innocent Rohingya civilians, including two individuals with psychopathology, from Minglalargyi Rohingya village in Maungdaw Township, were abducted by the AA around 6 p.m. on May 4th, 2024.

All three abducted individuals are elderly and have been identified as Noor Alam, son of Ahmad Sharif (50 years old), Rahamat Ullah, son of Adu Rahman (52 years old), and Mukhtar Ahmad, son of Ausi Ullah (53 years old).

“The AA abducted the three innocent Rohingyas, including two psychopaths, in the evening at about 6 o’clock on May 4th. It is unconfirmed whether they were intimidated or unjustly killed. Two of them have psychopathologies, while the other is an ordinary Rohingya civilian,” said a resident of the village.

They have not been released to this day. The villagers believe that all three of them have been killed. It has been learned that the villagers wanted to discover their bodies but did not dare to search for fear of being abducted by the AA.

The villagers demand that if these three innocent Rohingya civilians are still alive, they should be released as soon as possible.

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