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Mrauk-U β€” A Rohingya young boy kidnapped and slain by Rakhine armed men in Paung Htoke village of Mrauk-U on February 18, 2020.

While 19 years-old Mohammad Rashiq Khan, son of Abul Foyas, along with his two friends was using MyTel internet under a banyan tree located at Sittwe-Yangon highway, eight Rakhine youths suddenly came to kidnap them. His two friends managed to escape, but Rashiq Khan was kidnapped.

The next day at around 6 a.m., he was found slain with severe injuries all over the body.

As the internet is shut down in Northern Rakhine townships, Paung Htoke villagers still get internet access at the location where the incident took place and normally MyTel users from both Muslim and Buddhist communities gather under the banyan tree to use internet.

“No justice is expected for Rashiq. Instead, the armed authorities are seen protecting Rakhine village.” a villager to RVision.

In another incident, a Rohingya man in his fifties called Mohammad Younus, son of Abul Kasim from Sin Thay Pyin of San Goe Taung, Buthidaung in a landmine that exploded at around 10 a.m. on February 18, 2020.