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By Rohingay Vision TV Correspondents | 7th November 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: A renowned Rohingya scholar passed away on 5th November in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, leaving the community in a mourned state.

The scholar named Villayet Hussein passed away at around 11 PM and was well known for his books written in the different arena such as history, religion, literature, etc.

Rohingya Scholar: Villayet Hussein. Image: Social Media

Villayet Hussein S/O Abdul Khaleque and Gul Faraz was born in 1928 in Mambra of Akyab Township.

His professional area have been a very diverse one. Initially he served as professor at Abi Bakar International Islamic University- Pakistan and later as Muffassir (Qur’an Translator) in Imam Muslim Islamic Centre, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Later, when he moved to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there he served in Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, Jamia Darus Sunnah Nihla and as a teacher at Madrasah Sawlatia, Makkah.

Beside his diverse career, he is also as one of the earliest writers of Rohingya history books and he had written several books including poem collection, Dictionary and research.

On behalf of Rohingya Vision Team and common Rohingya, we pay condolence to his family and pray for his soul to rest in peace.

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