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September 02, 2021

Two Rohingya village administrators and five villagers were arrested and had been tortured by the military council, and an administrator was killed in custody in northern Maungdaw in Rakhine State.

U Raji Alam , 30, s/o Kolla Miya, the village administrator of U Shay Kya village in southern Maungdaw, was summoned from the Maungdaw Sa.Ra.Pa(Military Security Force) station on August 29. He was unexpectedly arrested and tortured to death in the custody, according to a local.

On August 29, U Kyi Han, a sergeant in charge of Sa.Ra.Pa summoned the administrator and arrested him during a meeting at his office. He died on August 31 after being tortured in the custody.

The corpse was taken to Maungdaw Hospital, where he was deceivingly diagnosed with Covid-19 and was given a medical certificate on deceiving. The dead body was not handed over to the villagers but buried it in their own ways, the local added.

Similarly, U Rafique, the village administrator of Kyaik Ro Pyin Village Track under Maungdaw Township, was summoned by the Maungdaw Sa.Ra.Pa station last week for questioning and he was arrested too and is being tortured there.

 “Following the arrest of the Muslims administrators, five more villagers have also been arrested. Rohingya villagers face difficulties to move here and there in search of livelihood as the authorities are now abruptly besieging the villages and arresting people with false allegation”, an eyewitness reported to Rvision.

On August 15 and 27, military forces from (375), Infantry Battalion and the police from ( 5), Border Guard Police Station collaboratively raided Kyaik Ro Pyin village, U Shay Kya, Nga Tha Kyu and Ngan Chaung villages. Five other villagers were illegally arrested during the siege. The arrestees’ families were not allowed to see them or send any daily necessary things, the eyewitness said.

The poor detainees are:

 1. U Salimullah 45, s/o U Bashar;

2. U Zafar,42, s/o U Kamal Hussein;

 3. U Fozu Anwar ,38;

 4. U Anwar,42, s/o U Kamal  and

 5. U Jamal Hussein,55, s/o U Zafar

Some of the detainees are known to be in danger of death due to inhumane torture.

The Burmese military council is urging Rohingya refugees to return to their homeland through the people or a community close to them, but arbitrary arrests and killings continue in the country.

Reported By: Maung Htay

Edited By: Md. Shuaib